Blowdrying 101

“My hair is so flat.”  “I have this cowlick…” “My style just seems, I don’t know, frumpy.”  These are common problems that a stylist hears about.  One answer can be that you need to learn how to blowdry.

Let us start with your hair and the style you are looking to achieve.  Of course, we are assuming that you already have some product in your hair.  If not, then you will have to wait for that topic in another article.  Or make an appointment today to talk to your stylist at HeadQuarters to get you in the know!

Your hair is curly and you want to keep it curly in your finished look.  So, set your dryer on cool and use the low setting.  Also, get out your diffuser.  This attaches to the end of your dryer and keeps the airflow from pushing the curl right out the door. Curls need to be treated as if they are fragile.  Do not run your fingers through them.  Do not use a brush on them while blowing them dry.  You may use your fingers to help the drying process and feel how damp your hair is.  Here is how. Hold out your hand, palm up.  Now pretend I just set a glass on your palm and you curl your fingers up around it.  This is the position for your hand to gently move the curls while the blow dryer is diffusing, on its low setting, working on your curly locks!  Do this while holding your head so your hair hangs away from the scalp.  You may even be right upside down.  This helps get some volume in there.  Dry until your hair is starting to “fuzz” or it is completely dry, whichever comes first.  Now you can finish off the style with taming the banges, fixing the part, or spraying into place.  Again, do NOT run your fingers through the finished look.  Try to keep scarfs from flattening it.

Consider having some haircolor while thinking of ways to change your look or add fullness.  Color often changes the texture of your hair so that there is more life in your style even before you blow dry.  The variations of colors will create depth and shine and can actually give the illusion of fullness even when it is not there.  Like an artist paints lights and darks to create a lifelike picture, so the stylist will do at HeadQuarters..

Your hair is straight and you want more fullness in there.  Here are a couple options to try.  You will want a root lifting product .  After it is applied, flop your head upside down and blow dry.  Use your hands or a brush to pull the hair away from the scalp. The settings can be on whatever is most comfortable for you.  The hotter and higher the settings are, the faster your hair will dry.  If you prefer not to put your head upside down, then get a good metal round brush.  The shorter your hair is, the smaller your round brush should be. Section your hair either with clips or mentally into four corners and work from the bottom up.  Holding wet hair out of the way with a clip, put your brush under your hair section that you are working on and turn the brush so that the hair is going under.  The brush may have to be pulled out a bit from the scalp if your hair is very long.  Turning, pulling, blowing all at once.  And lifting.  The brush should be lifting the hair up to get the maximum fullness.  Once a section is done, let the next section down and start again until the whole head is finished.  If these instructions seem hard to picture, have it done professionally at HeadQuarters first and take note of what the stylist is doing so you can do the same at home.  Ask her about the products she is using.  The right product can make your goals  achievable.  Your dryer may have come with an attachment that goes on the end and has a small slit where the air comes out.  This is for straight looks.  You may see a difference using it, but where your hair is already straight, you may not.  

Your hair is curly and you want it to be straight.  Or straighter.  If you have tried very much in styling your hair you already know that it tends to be frizzy.  Blow drying right can straighten it a lot, but product will be your best friend.  See your stylist at HeadQuarters for recommendations.  You can use the same instructions as the paragraph for straight hair, but be sure to use the attachment for straightening. You will get volume pretty easy if your hair isn’t too fine, so you will not have to worry so much about the lifting of the brush.  If your hair is frizzy when you are done, you may want to use a straightening iron as well to finish off the look.  And use the right product.  If you are not sure what that may be, then call the salon.  A consultation is free and the stylist recommendation is priceless.  

Sometimes, a dryer has a “cool shot” button.  It will usually be right where your pointer finger can hit it.  This button changes the temperature of the air blowing through to cool no matter what the setting.  It only lasts as long as the button is pressed.  This is a neat addition that allows you to shoot some cool air on a problem spot.  It can be used to correct the cowlick-y area, or get a little more volume.  Do your regular blow drying and when you are at that spot, concentrate a little longer on it after the heat with some cold air.  Once that spot has cooled, then move the air and brush away and you should have more obedient hair in that spot.

Don’t be afraid to spend some time trying out some new things.  Blow dry it all to one side, then the other while brushing the whole time.  Or try getting the roots dried and then let the ends dry naturally.  Go with that wild look and see if you could get used to it.  If you really cannot get the idea of how to blow dry, then visit HeadQuarters today!

Have a beautiful day!


3 Things to Try When You Need a New Hairdresser

You need to find a new hairstylist and you are scared to trust someone about whom you don't know much. If anything.  How do you find a good fit for the demands your beauty entails?  Here are three things to try.

1.  Look for real people who have the look you want.  These great styles and colors will be in places like the grocery store, a popular hang out, or perhaps at church.  When you find someone with it, ask them where they go to get such beautiful hair.  It will be a compliment to them and a useful reference for you.  If you ask multiple people and get some same answers, then you may have found your future stylist.

2.  Go to many salons one day and just visit for half an hour.  Check out their products, look at the magazines, and be sure to pay attention to how the stylists are interacting with their customer.  Watch what the guests look like when they leave.  Try to take it all in and when you get back to your car, write down what stood out to you about the salon or a particular stylist.  Use their bathroom while you're there.  If it's not clean, then details and customer service may not be their strong point.  

3.  Go have a style or blowout done.  The risk is very small here and it gives you a chance to see how a new customer is treated.  Ask them questions about your hair and what  they love best about hairdressing.  Notice if they listen to your requests or do they just do what they want instead.  Is the conversation centered around you and your hair, or around their life, their weekend or their complaints?  If they are good at what they do, you should be able to see that in the first couple visits.

Following this advice will illuminate a gem of a stylist.  Enjoy your new relationship and you're welcome.

Have a beautiful day!